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antonio-aboutusOriginally hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, certified real estate rockstar Antonio “Hitman” Edwards is the definition of the self-made man.

Armed with just a high school diploma, Antonio struggled to make ends meet by working more than 40 hours each week in a dead end job as a delivery truck driver for copier machines. He juggled this back breaking job with his real passion which is music production. But even with both jobs combined, Antonio know all too well, he’s not going anywhere.

A risk taker by heart, Antonio decided he’s had it being an employee and working his butt off just to make someone else wealthy. So he quit his job and focused his attention on being his own boss with Prolific Productions, his very own music production outfit.

Even with a number of local artists signed up as clients, Antonio realized he’s still far from the success he’s always dreamed of having. That’s why soon enough, he put his music production business in the back burner and launched Prolific Properties LLC to try his hand in real estate investing.

Finally, Antonio found his very own goose that lays golden eggs.

In his first year as a real estate investor, Antonio closed over 26 deals and easily broke well over a 6-digit annual income his first 5 months in real estate. And as he perfected his business strategy and investing style, he quickly became one of the hottest real estate hotshots in the Florida markets.

Innately driven to succeed in his endeavors, Antonio strives to influence other people to adopt the right drive, positive attitude, focus and vision in order to achieve their own dreams and aspirations. Antonio firmly believes that anybody can accomplish whatever they set out to do, as long as they take action and don’t let anything get in their way.

When asked about his current status as a sought after real estate rockstar, Antonio simply chuckles and says, “I’m not a guru. But I sure can show you how to pick up a fat check at closing.”

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